by uhwarrior23

Apparently Bobby Curran has been getting a lot of calls from arm chair QB’s ripping the coaches and acting like they know more than Mack and his staff. [-X Bobby encouraged all those people to have the guts to call Mack during his show so at least the coach could defend himself.
Coach said he’d make the same decision against if he were in that 4th and 1 at the 15 situation again. He said after the game he told reporters that he probably should have kicked it but after watching film, he realized he had made the right decision. What he does is ask Ron if he has a play that will surely get them the first down. If Ron says yes, Coach Mack will make the decision from there whether to go for it or not. Ron felt he called the right play against the defense Boise ran on that play but should have ran the option to the strong side instead of the weak side…(continued)

Call the Coach Notes (10/21/08)