Some notes from tonight’s Call the Coach:

Defensively, the SJSU game was one of the best efforts in the three years Mack’s coached at UH.

Mack appreciated all the fans who showed up at the Willows. Speaking of which, former UH receiver Chad Owens showed up as well. He told Bobby Curran that he’s starting a youth football school.  E-mail hawaiifootballschool -(at)- yahoo -(dot)- com for more info.

Dave from Kaneohe called and asked why players and coaches left the field during the alma mater. Mack said it was completely his fault. He told the players to get the locker room. He feels horrible about it and promises it won’t happen again.

Tyler’s hand is still hurt. The whole QB situation has been really frustrating. However, Mack’s excited about what Inoke Funaki brings to the table. Mack talked to Dick Tomey, who was amazed at how fast Inoke was.

Offensive line is better than people think it is. One of the problems is all the injuries. Keith AhSoon, Laupepa, etc. John Estes is playing through all kinds of pain. Possible good news: AhSoon may be back sooner than expected.

Mack says they’ve redshirted most of the junior college receivers. He wants them to learn the system — they’ll also get three years of education too. They want to win this year but also build for the future.

Fresno QB Tom Brandstater is “outstanding”. Can throw the football, pro-type guy. UH has to play a physical ballgame in all phases.

Curran brought up UH’s past history with tight ends. Mack said FSU’s Bear Pascoe will be respected.

Mack addressed why they haven’t been attacking kickers and punters — they’ve been protecting against fakes, and that’s how they stopped the SJSU fake punt. They did try to block a punt though. Sounds like they’re just looking for the right kicker, right opportunity.

In response to a question about bringing in a tight end, Mack says he is committed to the run-and-shoot. June put in a tight end last year, and it just didn’t work. Spreading everyone out helps the running game. Leon Wright-Jackson is back at full speed. He wants Kealoha Pilares back at slot.

…and uhwarrior23 has a more detailed recap of the show.

Call the Coach – At the Willows Restaurant (9/30/08)