Some notes from tonight’s Call the Coach:

Mack said that Fresno fans booed and threw things at our cheerleaders. But that sort of thing gets him jacked up. Mack said he did hear a lot of positive things from Fresno fans after the game.

UH has made adjustments in the run defense after Fresno ran crazy on them.

Offense will have a few new wrinkles. Inoke is feeling really comfortable. He’s throwing with great velocity.

Mack talked to Karl Benson and Jim Blackwood and got clarification regarding the officiating in Fresno. Basically, the pass interference on Ryan Mouton shouldn’t have been called. Mack can’t really talk about the overtime kick penalty. He doesn’t begrudge the refs. Mack says he’s concerned about future games, which is why he called in. He doesn’t want officials pre-judging the team.

LaTech has some really good special teams and Mack is preparing for them. LaTech’s punter is really good.

LaTech’s really talented. There’s gonna be some big collisions on kickoffs because both teams are physical on special teams.

Mack doesn’t like to make emotional decision, likes to have it planned as much as possible, especially when it comes to going for 1 or 2 after a TD.

A fan called in saying he got pelted with chewed-up hot dog buns by Fresno fans. But that just made the victory all the more satisfying.

Mack says he would love to schedule Stanford in the future.

Mack had 54 phone calls after the Fresno game. The first one was from June Jones, who left a message congratulating Mack, saying it was a great win for the school.

Call the Coach – At the Willows Restaurant (10/08/08)