New member Lawai’a wonders if Aloha Stadium should have a new nickname:

Aloha Warrior Nation – Since we have time to kill before the next game, I was thinking about our stadium’s name “Aloha Stadium.” Can’t we come up with something more intimidating. Florida has the “Swamp”, Michigan has the “Big House”, USC has the “LA Coliseum.” Let’s come up with a list of names and present the top picks to JD.

I’ll start it off:

“Welcome to the VOLCANO

Some other suggestions from the thread include…

“Going off the Volcano suggestion, how about we calling it ‘The Crater.’ ??” — BigIslandKurt

“How about, ‘The Rock’ since we’re on an island.”  — Scott

“DA HARBOR!!!” — couz808

“‘SWAP MEET STADIUM’ Yah I like this ONE!!!!!” — balut808

“In all seriousness, Aloha Stadium is already known as ‘the Rust Bucket,’ just like Honolulu Stadium was known as ‘Termite Palace.'” — 2left

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