by CoachKen

There are crossroads in life where an event changed the course of destiny for an individual or a team. San Jose State is one of those “defining moments.” How we play will in a very real sense determine the momentum of the season. If we were to lose this game and be 1-3 we would have six more “must games” to win. We could only lose three and be bowl eligible which I think is extremely important for this team. If we are instead 2-2 after San Jose State we could take momentum into a very tough road stretch. San Jose State is a very good but not great team. They have shown they can play against tough opponents and this game will have special significance to them. Tomey will have his team ready. The key to this game will be our offense, not our defense. The defense will play well for reasons I will go into in the scouting report. Tomey has shown he knows what to do against the run and shoot so it will come down to “efficiency” on offense. We have to do the following with the last one being the most important: (Continue reading…)

A Defining Moment