by:  westsidewarrior

Good turnout by fans. D dominated the scrimmage. Blount was the standout on O. Made a nice TD catch from Shutter in the back of the endzone in the 7 on 7s and then proceeded to get hit into the track and field storage locker. Scary at first but he was OK. Then in the OT period, he caught one over the middle from Rausch and took it into the endzone. Nice day for Dustin(more)

Check out this report and many more comments and reactions of the rest of the Sports Hawaii Ohana that attended the Saturday scrimmage.

By:  BleedGreen808

One-on-one drills between the OL and DL

From what I have seen so far, DL really owns this drill. Pepa looks good. He and along with some of the first stringers who has been the most consistent on the OL on this drill. I have been impressed with J. Loeffler as a LT. He is the guy that have caught my eye during this drill. From the many practices that I have attended this spring, I don’t recall him ever losing a one-on-one battle. The guys that impresses me on the DL during this drill is Ryan “the beast” Eastman, and two DEs that have their jersey’s turned inside out. I know one of them is Earvin Sione and I believe the other guy is Waylon Lolotai. Ryan just seems to be able to find a way to get through. He has good techniques Not so impressed with one OL. I won’t name who he is but he just gets flat out beat all the time. He needs to move his feet.
Highlight of the day will go to David Hafoka. The OG was so blown away that Hafoka stopped going after the would be QB once he got passed the OG at the line of scrimmage…(more +play by play of scrimmage)

UH Spring Practice Reports 4/24