The Sports Hawaii Ohana was blessed again in August when the best Athletic Director in the Nation stopped by and did his monthly questions and answers session.  Here is just one of the questions from this month’s chat:

J-Rod wrote:
Mr. Donovan,

Thanks again for taking time to answer our questions!

The conference realignment talk has dwindled since Boise made their move two months ago. I know the WAC is content with staying at 8 conference members for the time being, but what school(s) would you personally like to see join the WAC?

J-Rod –

The WAC has called a meeting for all athletic directors in mid-August and conference realignment will be a major point of discussion at this meeting. In some sense, I’m open to ideas and possibilities, but my overriding concern is that we work towards a vision of where we want the WAC to be in 5-10 years from now. For example, do we want to go after television markets? Do we want to focus primarily on adding membership based on success or potential success of an institution’s football and men’s basketball programs (most of these programs earn post-season revenues and are still considered the most popular from a media standpoint)? Do we focus on the academic quality of the institutions we might add? Any and all of these will be a logical approach, but we need to prioritize our thoughts on these parameters as a conference and then move from there. I would hate to name any specific schools at this point, but my goal is to make sure that whomever we add moves us towards our long-term vision for the WAC.

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