McKenna Granato should have been an All BWC or at least Honorable Mention

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McKenna Granato should have been an All BWC or at least Honorable Mention

#1 Post by seasider » Mon Nov 28, 2016 9:41 pm

McKenna’s conference hitting % of .255% is definitely better than all of the All-Conference picks hitting %, except for Greisen, and better than all of the honorable mention picks.

LOL…An All-Conference pick hitting % was .208, and three Honorable mentions had hitting % of .125%, .181%, and .196%.

IMHO, McKenna’s overall conference stats is equal or better than most of the picks.

McKenna Granto’s conference stats versus BWW’s Women’s Volleyball All-Conference Team and Honorable Mention:

(S=Sets, K=Kills, Kills/Set=K/S, E=Errors, TA=Total Attempts, PCT=Hitting %, A=Assists, A=Assists, A/S=Assist per Set, SA Service Aces, SA/S=Service Aces per Set, D=Digs, Digs per Set, BS=Block Solo
BA=Block Assist, B/S=Block per Set

Granato OH S53 Kills139 K/S2.62 E43 T376 .255% A6 A/S0.11 SA16 SA/S0.30 D84 D/S1.58 B2 BA14 B/S0.30


Dennis OH S57 K199 K/S3.49 E68 TA545 .240% A4 A/S0.07 SA4 SA/S0.07 D46 D/S0.81 BS6 BA12 B/S0.32

Greisen OH S56 K211 K/S3.77 E71 TA511 .274% A1 A/S0.02 SA0 SA/S0.00 D36 D/S0.64 BS5 BA17 B/S0.39

Owens OH S63 K246 K/S3.90 E105 TA678 .208% A11 A/S0.17 SA11 SA/S0.17 D160 D/S2.54 BS6 BA25 B/S0.49

Ruddins OH S51 K193 K/S3.78 E53 TA572 .245% A7 A/S0.14 SA27 SA/S0.53 D102 D/S2.00 0BS BA13 B/S0.46

Honorable Mention:

Fayad OH S54 K163 K/S3.02 E93 TA559 .125% A12 A/S0.22 SA12 SA/S0.22 D152 D/S2.81 BS4 BA31 B/S0.65

Haake OH S63 K206 K/S3.27 E69 TA539 .254% A5 A/S0.03 SA2 A/S0.03 D44 D/S0.70 BS5 BA17 B/S0.35

Hoffman OH S37 K118 K/S3.19 E52 TA337 .196% A2 A/S0.05 SA8 SA/S0.22 D94 D/S2.54 BS3 BA15 B/S

Van Winden OH S56 K217 K/S3.88 E94 TA678 .181% A11 A/S0.20 SA3 SA/S0.05 D123 D/S2.20 BS10 BA19 B/S0.52

Walbrecht OH S52 K139 K/S2.67 E47 TA405 .227% A6 A/S0.12 SA6 SA/S0.12 D49 D/S0.94 BS1 BA33 B/S0.65

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Re: McKenna Granato should have been an All BWC or at least Honorable Mention

#2 Post by My3Cats » Tue Nov 29, 2016 3:50 pm

Makes you wonder what the selection criteria is all about, huh?
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