Coach Shoji still considering tweaking the lineup

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Coach Shoji still considering tweaking the lineup

#1 Post by seasider » Wed Nov 09, 2016 9:33 pm ... fy-middle/

Wahine volleyball still tweaking to satisfy middle

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Excerpts from the above link:

<With Castillo slowed by a lower-leg issue and the move of senior Annie Mitchem to the left side, freshman Natasha Burns has been starting in the middle along with junior Emily Maglio. But in Tuesday’s practice, Castillo was with the projected starting lineup and “we’ve got to get something out of that position,” Wahine coach Dave Shoji said. “Today, Casey was back in the middle. That one position can go back and forth>

Overall Stats: (Casey’s stats include time at MB and OH; whereas, Natasha’s stats is strictly as a MB)
Emily Maglio 79 Sets, 190 Kills, 30 Errors, 2.41 Kills/Set, 403 Total Attempts, .397%, 11 Block Solo, 96 Block Assists, 1.35 Blocks/Set
Natasha Burns 39 Sets, 045 Kills, 14 Errors, 1.15 Kills/Set, 097 Total Attempts, .320%, 2 Blocks Solo, 32 Block Assists, 0.87 Blocks/Set
Casey Castillo: 49 Sets, 056 Kills, 17 Errors, 1.14 Kills/Set, 142 Total Attempts, .275%, 3 Blocks Solo, 34 Block Assists, 0.76 Blocks/Set

Conference Stats: (Casey out for the past few BWC’s matches due to leg issues)
Emily Maglio 39 Sets, 088 Kills, 15 Errors, 2.26 Kills/Set, 180 Total Attempts, .406%, 4 Block Solo, 57 Blocks Assists, 1.46 Blocks/Set
Natasha Burns: 23 Sets, 028 Kills, 06 Errors, 1.22 Kills/Set, 051 Total Attempts, .431%, 1 Block Solo, 20 Blocks Assists, 0.91 Blocks/Set
Casey Castillo: 17 Sets, 024 Kills, 09 Errors, 1.41 Kills/Set, 060 Total Attempts, .250%, 0 Block Solo, 12 Blocks Assists, 0.71 Blocks/Set

Definitely Burns overall and conference’s stats are better than Castillo. I’d stick with Burns as the 2nd middle…if Burns is having a bad set, bring in Castillo.

Excerpt from the above link:

<“Yes, the results last week (sweeps of Long Beach State and Cal State Northridge) were great. No, we’re not through tweaking the team.”>

Whoa Nellie! Except for the 2nd middle position, I hope coach Shoji DOES NOT do any more tweaking…LOL, that lineup that demolished LBSU in 3 Sets was the best performance by a Wahine starting five in years….if the Wahine can duplicate that effort for the remaining 4 BWC matches, 2 matches in the sub-regionals, 2 matches in the regionals, the Wahine will be in the FINAL FOUR.
Overall Stats: (Mitchem’s stats include time at MB and OH)
Nikki Taylor 66 Sets, 299 Kills, 112 Errors, 4.53 Kills/Set, 712 Total Attempts, .263%, 41 Service Aces, .62 SA/Set, 2.38 Digs/Set, 5 Block Solo, 73 Block Assists, 1.18 Blocks/Set
Mckenna Granato 80 Sets, 240 Kills, 090 Errors, 3.00 Kills/Set, 656 Total Attempts, .229%, 19 Service Aces, .11 SA/Set, 1.69 Digs/Set, 2 Block Solo, 24 Block Assists, 0.30 Blocks/Set
Annie Mitchem 47 Sets, 133 Kills, 090 Errors, 2.83 Kills/Set, 306 Total Attempts, .340%, 07 Service Aces, .15 SA/Set, 0.62 Digs/Set, 5 Block Solo, 38 Block Assists, 0.91 Blocks/Set

Conference Stats: (Mitchem’s stats include time at MB and OH)
Nikki Taylor 39 Sets, 153 Kills, 059 Errors, 3.92 Kills/Set, 386 Total Attempts, .244%, 07 Service Aces, .41 SA/Set, 2.21 Digs/Set, 5 Block Solo, 49 Block Assists, 1.38 Blocks/Set
McKenna Granato 40 Sets, 108 Kills, 032 Errors, 2.70 Kills/Set, 285 Total Attempts, .267%, 03 Service Aces, .30 SA/Set, 1.69 Digs/Set, 1 Block Solo, 12 Block Assists, 0.33 Blocks/Set
Annie Mitchem 40 Sets, 112 Kills, 023 Errors, 2.80 Kills/Set, 250 Total Attempts, .356%, 01 Service Aces, .03 SA/Set, 0.58 Digs/Set, 5 Block Solo, 35 Block Assists, 1.00 Blocks/Set

LOL…No tweaking is necessary for Granato in the front-row and Greeley subbing for her in the back-row; Kahakai is the Libero; Smith as the primary DS, Anderson as the designated server.

2017 Wahine Volleyball Roster (20: 12 on scholarship; 8 Walk-on)

Kendra Koelsch, S/OH/Opposite 6-1 Sr (Class of 2014)
Kalei Greeley OH 6-2 Sr (Class of 2014) #35 Senior Ace
Savanah Kahakai L 5-8 Sr (Class of 2014), 2014 Fab 50, #64 Senior Ace
Emily Maglio MB 6-4 Sr (Class of 2014)-Sand
Makenna Granato OH 6-0 Jr (Class of 2015) 2015 Fab 50, #75 Senior Ace
Casey Castillo Opposite/MB 6-3 Jr (Class of 2015) 2015 Fab 50, #61 Senior Ace-Sand
Natasha Burns MB 6-5 RsSo (Class of 2015)
Norene Iosia S 5-11 So (Class of 2016) #16 Senior Ace, 2016 FAB 50
Kirsten Sibley OH 6-2 So (Class of 2016) Senior Ace Next 150
Shaney Lipscomb MB/Opposite 6-2, Fr (Class of 2017) 2017 Senior Ace Next 150-just missed the Top 100
Sophia Howling, MB 6-2, Fr (Class of 2017), 2017 #95 Senior Ace
Skylar Williams, MB 6-2, Fr (Class of 2017), 2017 Senior Ace Next 150
Emma Smith DS/L 5-8, So (Class of 2016) Walk-on-Senior Ace NEXT 150-Sand
Clare Anderson DS/L 5-7 Sr (Class of 2014) Walk-on – Academic scholarship-Sand
Gianna Guinasso 5-9 DS/L 5-9, Sr (AVCA HS Sand All-American, Class of 2014) Walk-on, Sand
Mckenna Ross 5-10 OH/DS, So (Class of 2016) Walk-on
Rika Okino 5-5 L/DS, RsFr (Class of 2016) Walk-on
Faith Ma’afala, S/DS, 5-8, RsJr, Walk-on
Janelle Gong, OH/Libero, 5-9 Fr, Sibley’s HS teammate, Walk-on
Jennifer Roth 5-11 OH, Fr, Walk-on

Hall of famer
Hall of famer
Posts: 2440
Joined: Tue Nov 16, 2004 11:31 am

Re: Coach Shoji still considering tweaking the lineup

#2 Post by seasider » Mon Nov 21, 2016 5:14 am

Jennifer Roth to UH Hilo, but the Wahine add Arden Misraje a 6-2 OH/RS
Spikers add two impact recruit
11/18/2016 10:03:00 AM
HILO, Hawai`i—Tino Reyes, head volleyball coach at the University of Hawai`i Hilo, has announced the signing of two standout players that will join the Vulcan program in the fall of 2017.

Ashton Jessee (Anchorage, Alaska) and Jennifer Roth (Prineville, Ore.) were both two of the top preps in their respective states this past season. "These are two really great signings for us," said Reyes, who is just finishing his seventh season at UHH. "I am really looking forward to working with them next fall."

Jessee helped lead her South High School team to the state title match in Alaska. The 6-3 middle blocker was a dominant force throughout the season and into the state playoffs this fall, and did the same last spring as a first baseman when her squad won the state championship in softball.

Roth, a 5-11 outside hitter, also led her Crook County High School team to the 4A state title match. She had over 500 kills this season and over 1,000 in her prep career. She was named the Tri-Valley Conference Player of the Year and was a unanimous all-tournament team selection at the state finals.

The Vulcans, who are just wrapping up the 2016 season, will lose four seniors to graduation. They are an NCAA Division II school that plays in the Pacific West Conference.
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11/18/2016 Arden Misraje 6-2 OH/RS signed with Hawaii, Crossroads HS for Arts & Sciences, Santa Monica, CA, Sunshine Volleyball Club
Volleyball Honors
Sunshine South Bay 18s 2016-2017
Crossroads Academy Varsity Volleyball 2016
Mizuno Long Beach 17 Rockstar R 2015-2016
AVCA Phenom Athlete 2015
Crossroads Academy Varsity Volleyball 2015
Mizuno Long Beach Club 16 Rockstar K 2014-2015
Elite Beach Volleyball Club 2014-2015
AVCA Phenom Athlete 2014
Crossroads Academy Varsity Volleyball 2014
USAV Indoor High Performance Youth A1 Invitational Team Program 2014
SCVA High Performance Youth Alternate 2014
SMBVC Beach Volleyball Club, 2014
Westside Warriors 15s Indoor Club, 2013-2014
Santa Monica Volleyball Club 14s-1
Santa Monica Volleyball Club 13s-1

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