State of Wahine Volleyball going forward

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State of Wahine Volleyball going forward

#1 Post by seasider » Thu Sep 29, 2016 11:57 am ... ng-lineup/

Wahine focus on evolving lineup

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Injuries to Nikki Taylor, Annie Mitchem, and Kalei Greeley left the Wahine’ short-handed versus Wisconsin, Kansas State and Arizona. Even without the top three-hitters going into the season the Wahine could’ve won set 3 and 4 versus Wisconsin, and versus Kansas State set 2 should’ve been a win, giving the Wahine a 2-0 advantage going into the 3rd set. That loss to Kansas State was considered a bad loss by and definitely the NCAA RPI.

Hindsight, but if all three (Taylor, Mitchem, Greeley) were healthy, the Wahine would’ve been 3-0 that first week-end, “no ifs or buts”. Just imagine if Wisconsin, Kansas State, and Arizona started the season without their 3 top hitters.

Ditto with the 2nd weekend versus UCLA 0-3, 25-23, 25-22, 25-22). Yep, Nikki was back, but still without Kale attacking from the front row, or Annie blocking and attacking/blocking from the middle. The Wahine’ lost in 3 but, all sets were competitive and could’ve have gone the Wahine’ way. Again, take away UCLA’s number 2 and 3 go-to-hitters, the Wahine’ win the match.

Again Ditto with the 3rd weekend with Annie back as an OH, but ended with a loss to Washington (2-3, 25-23, 17-25, 28-26, 23-25, 15-13). Again hindsight, but if Greeley was at 100%, this would’ve been the starting lineup: OH Greeley/Granato; MB Maglio/Mitchem, Opposite Nikki Taylor, Setter Iosia. That line-up would’ve won in 3. No pun intended to Kirsten Sibley, Castillo, and Burns…All three had their moments filling in….Definitely, down-the-line they’ll be an integral part of the Wahine’ volleyball juggernaut.

IMHO starting with this weekend matches versus Cal State Fullerton and UC Riverside, this should be the Wahine’ starters:
OH Granato 6-0 So/*Kirsten Sibley 6-2 Fr
MB Maglio 6-3 Jr/**Mitchem 6-3 Sr
Opposite Nikki Taylor 6-4 Sr
Setter Norene Iosia 5-11 Fr
Libero Savanah Kahakai 5-8 Jr
DS ***Emma Smith 5-8 Fr
Dserver Clare Anderson/****Tayler Higgins 5-9 Sr
IMHO: Coach should rest Kalei Greeley until she can contribute at all 6-rotation.

*if Sibley is having a bad game, bring in Castillo-she was recruited as a 6-rotation OH/opposite.
**MItchem back at her natural position. Presently hitting at .238% and with a .64 Blk/Set. This two stats will creep up astronomically—making Maglio/Mitchem one of the top MB/MH tandem in the nation.
***a walk-on (a senior ace next-150, PrepVolleyball Defensive Dandy) IMHO if it wasn’t for the beach, she easily would’ve received a scholarship elsewhere (300 plus competes in D1). So far, she has not had any sustained time on the court; but, when she was in the game, I came away impressed with her technique/footwork/athleticism…the three KEYS to be a top rated Libero.
****Getting the ball over the net Anderson is the most consistent server; but, when you want to keep the defender’s serve receive on their heels, i.e. Nikki Taylor, Norene Iosia, coach should bring in Higgins—when she’s on, she’s unstoppable, i.e. last year’s match with Florida…If she can maintain that consistency, another weapon from the service line.

Serve Receive:
McKenna Granato: 34SP 12RE 275TA .956% (last 4 games 2RE 105TA .981%)
Kalei Greeley: 46SP 09RE 158TA .943% (4RE 31AT .871
Savanah Kahakai: 47SP 29RE 279TA .932% (8RE 68AT .882%)
Emma Smith: 20SP 01RE 042TA .976%
Clare Anderson: 37SP 01RE 020TA .950%
Kirsten Sibley 32SP 05RE 052TA .904%

The UH Website doesn’t give credit to the player’s prep accomplishments, like the other revenue producing sports….football, baseball, and women’s and men’s basketball, and men’s volleyball. Note: Foreign recruits are not included in PrepVolleyball Senior Aces or Volleyball Mag FAB 50s)

Prep Accolades:
Senior Aces: 10 (Makenna Granato, Emma Smith, Tayler Higgins, Annie Mitchem, Kirsten Sibley, Norene Iosia, Nikki Taylor, Savanah Kahakai, Kalei Greeley, and Casey Castillo)

FAB 50s: 7 (Makenna Granato, Tayler Higgins, Annie Mitchem, Norene Iosia, Nikki Taylor, Savanah Kahakai, and Casey Castillo)
JC Accolades:
Annie Mitchem 2-time JUCO POY

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Re: State of Wahine Volleyball going forward

#2 Post by My3Cats » Thu Sep 29, 2016 12:25 pm

Nice breakdown. I agree that Mitchem really needs to play in her natural position of middle hitter. Too late in her senior season to be fussing around on the left side and she looks awkward at times with the timing of her approach. She is so much better in the middle.
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