BaseBows Tied For First In Big West !

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BaseBows Tied For First In Big West !

#1 Post by GoBows2014 » Fri Apr 01, 2016 11:14 pm

BaseBows Tied For First In Big West !

yup! 1-0, tied with UCSB, CSF, and UC Riverside.

ok, so only one game into the official season, but the 'Bows
pulled out a thriller tonight at Murakami with a win over UC Irvine.
It was on OC16 so you can watch tonight's roller coaster at home.

We won!! That's the good news.

Best part of the night? Bows came out with the bats on fire,
nearly everyone hitting, and with timely sac bunts (3-3 tonite!)
Bows putting up runs early, 3 in the 1st and 1 in the 3rd.

Bad news is that a couple of weak gloves on defense nearly
cost us this game, and severely blemished what should have
been stellar games by Brendan Hornung and close by Cody Culp.

Won't go into details, but we've been spoiled by great defense
most of the season, and tonight, well, our gloves on defense had
a few miscues...costly mistakes after 8 innings of a 5-0 lead almost
let it all get away when we *gave* them FOUR RUNS in the top of
the 8th. "Gave them" is literal, luckily we had enough cushion to
give that much with our sloppy D. Shame for Brendan and Cody,
both were pitching great, deserved better backup tonight.

Best news of the night is that UC Irvine "gifted" us likewise! With
a dropped ball in centerfield we scored *three* runs in the bottom
of the Matt Valencia could concentrate better and close
for the win. But wow oh wow, did we *try* to give this one away.

Have to confess? That 3rd run, bottom of the 8th? Was a close
play, throw to home, Bows runner sliding in...SAFE! *Yeah*
coach was ecstatic, who can blame him! Inning ended one out
later, but damage was done and MV closed for the win. But,
c'mon D! You are good, ur great, these games are Big West!!

Go Bows!

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Re: BaseBows Tied For First In Big West !

#2 Post by coleward1995 » Wed Feb 01, 2017 12:46 pm

Is it official season news?
What do you think??? I have red this news yesterday.

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