*Triple Play* at Murakami

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*Triple Play* at Murakami

#1 Post by GoBows2014 » Fri Mar 18, 2016 11:47 pm

When was the last time you saw a triple play
by the BaseBows@Murakami Stadium ?

Can't remember? Me neither, but it has been a long time.
Beautiful night at our favorite stadium, only a few drops in the
8th inning, mostly clear, cool, dry...another great night for baseball!

Kyle Von Ruden on the hill, looking good early. Through the
sixth inning with only two hits, no runs, many K's and forcing
opponents into weak hits to our D, but got in trouble in the 7th.
Trap, too, unusually aggressive on the basepaths, stealing bases
all night, maybe we got picked off once out of four or five? Good
buzz in the crowd with 'Bows playing a loose hand on offense.

Stellar defense by the Bows all night, an amazing diving catch
well into foul territory and halfway to the Bud bullpen by Eric
Ramirez for the first out in the 4th just an example of replay-
worthy plays.

Timely hitting by UH had put a few runs on in the 4th, then one
more in the 5th for insurance. UH leading 3-0 going into the 7th.

But top of the 7th inning, an unlikely rally by Chicago State has
the crowd on their seats, Von Ruden suddenly looking vulnerable
when the first three batters all get singles. They could have
scored a run on that third hit on the bobbled ball by our D,
but their coach held the runner before he saw the bobble, we
got lucky with that call so no runs for Chicago. But we
have bases loaded for Chicago State, they are still down
0-3, but with the go-ahead run at the plate and no outs?

Trap to the mound to talk it over...he has left pitchers in a few outs
or innings too many this season and it has cost us dearly nearly
every time, but again he goes with faith in his pitcher....so Kyle
digs in to face the next batter, bases loaded, and no outs...and well,
hope Oceanic replays it lots of times for you guys, and it will be
highlight reel material for decades to come...

Sheldon-Collins, our usual starting shortstop on the bench, with
Johnny Weeks moving from 3rd to SS, and Ethan Lopez, our
backup 2nd baseman now starting at 3rd base. The triple play
with the bases loaded looked like a one hopper to Johnny that he
somehow managed to scoop before the bounce for the fly out, he
tossed it to Josh Rojas at 2nd for out #2, and Josh quick thinking
got the ball to Ethan dancing back to 3rd before the runner can
get back for the #3 out. Rainbow fans went nutz, Chicago was in
disbelief (even their coach came out to argue about what??) it
was clearly three outs on one play, and next was a 7th inning
stretch for a deliriously happy home crowd!

Defense turns in a *TRIPLE PLAY* to snuff Chicago State in a
stunning, 1 second climax to harmlessly close a serious situation.
Chigago's fans, their dugout, stunned and silent, and their bats
never really a threat the rest of the game, even with weak relief
pitching by UH, our defense stepped it up to finish the game.
Kyle let 2 runners on to start the next inning, so Trap went to
the pen, Cody for the 8th, then Casey who didn't last and finally
Matt Valencia, solid with the D backup to close.

Chalk up a dearly needed win, 4-0, by our BaseBows. Defense
spectacular, and a triple play? Can't remember the last time
the 'Bows turned a triple play at Murakami, it has been ages.

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Re: *Triple Play* at Murakami

#2 Post by ubercow » Sat Mar 19, 2016 7:37 am

nice writeup. here's a vid from ocsportstv

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Re: *Triple Play* at Murakami

#3 Post by uhwarriors » Sat Mar 19, 2016 10:20 am

Thanks GoBows2014 for the report and ubercow for the video!

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