Coach Shoji, the Road to the Final Four starts at Long Beach

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Coach Shoji, the Road to the Final Four starts at Long Beach

#1 Post by seasider » Fri Nov 06, 2015 1:34 pm

7 Sets played this weekend versus a 7-16 (Riverside- RPI 231) and 0-21 (Fullerton-RPI 295) BWC foes.

After a week off from BWC competition, the Wahine came out firing from the get-go. In Set 1 & 2, I saw a well-oiled cohesive starting unit; but, after coach Shoji made two coaching changes for the 3rd set (Granato for Greeley and Koelsch for Higgins), the cohesiveness came apart-losing 18-25 and barely winning the 4th set by the score of 25-23. The Wahine swept Fullerton (25-17, 25-18, 25-
21); however, at this point of the season, that was not how a 6th ranked team should have performed versus a team that is 0 for 21 with an RPI of 295.

Bottom line:

Starting with this evening’s match versus Long Beach, coach must stick with: Higgins at setter, Magill/Maglio/Mitchem at MBs, Greeley/Manu-Olevao at OHs, Taylor at Opposite, Kahakai at Libero, and Anderson as the designated server/back-row specialist.

Getting everyone PT because “they’re working hard and deserving” is not a good reason—this is not AYSO soccer or Tee-Ball. IMHO only when the match is a sure win, i.e. winning the first two sets handily and having a wide-margin in the 3rd set, then bring in Granato/Castillo at OH.

And continue to bring in Koelsch for Higgins in the front-row for blocking or when Higgins’ mind is not in the game.

And Taylor has been under set, LOL…every team making it to the Sweet Sixteen will have a go-to terminator—every one of ‘em have a ton more sets than Taylor. Definitely NCAA POY front-runner Samantha Bricio (USC) have more total attacks/set than Taylor. It’s a MUST for Taylor to be set more by Higgins/Koelsch if the Wahine want to RUN the table on the road (BWC)—Do that and the wahine’ RPI will improve; thereby, giving the Wahine a chance to host a Sub-Regional.

And…the block was missing against an undermanned Fullerton team. The block out-blocking every team, plus Taylor performing at a POY level is a MUST.

And…Kahakai must continue to dig/pass at a very high level.

And…Manu-Olevao, since developing a wider array of shots, have a conference hitting % of .269 versus last year’s <.200 hitting %. If Tai and Greeley (conference hitting % at .290) can maintain or improve on their hitting % the rest of the way, it will more than complement an already top-notch middle (Magill, Maglio, Mitchem) and opposite (Taylor) offensive weapons.

And…Manu-Olevao have improved her receiving, but had sub-par receiving versus Riverside (3 Reception errors in 17 Total attempts for a .850% and versus Fullerton (1 Reception errors in 10 total attempts for a .909%); whereas both Greeley and Kahakai had no receptions errors versus Riverside and Fullerton. Tai, at this point of the season, is the weak-link in the passing rotation. At this point, Tai must be focus so that her receiving will be at Greeley and Kahakai’s level for the rest of the way. So goes the passing, so goes the “MONEY” kills to the middle and the D-SETS kills to Taylor.

And…again this is not AYSO soccer or Tee-ball, so coach must decide on who her serving specialist will be the rest of the way. Coach must decide, starting for this evening match versus Long Beach, on who will be the designated server. Serving stats: Anderson .990%, Ponce .962%, Guinasso .905%, and Granato .852%.

And…Tayler Higgins serve has “all but disappeared” since that 5 set win over Florida. Too many back-to-back serving errors. With Hawaii’s block, every server MUST keep the ball in play.

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Re: Coach Shoji, the Road to the Final Four starts at Long Beach

#2 Post by Irse » Sat Nov 07, 2015 5:47 am

Good win last night. Taylor played a little better but still needs to step it up a bit.

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Re: Coach Shoji, the Road to the Final Four starts at Long Beach

#3 Post by Mr.EDGE808 » Sun Nov 08, 2015 9:27 am

Irse wrote:Good win last night. Taylor played a little better but still needs to step it up a bit.
\:D/ Well said IRSE man.... :music:
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