Wahine Volleyball, Stats, looking Ahead

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Wahine Volleyball, Stats, looking Ahead

#1 Post by seasider » Mon Sep 21, 2015 1:00 pm

Wahine Volleyball pre-season overall stats

First of all, yesterday’s 3-0 win over UC Bakersfield was the best passing I’ve seen since 2009 when primary passers’ Kanani Danielson, Aneli Cubi—Otineru, and Elizabeth Ka’aihue led the Wahine to
the Final Four. I’ve been hard on Tai Manu-Olevao, who IMHO is the most athletic Wahine on the squad, but lately she has been money as a primary passer. If Tai can continue to be consistent with her passing, and attack at .250%, the Wahine’ run the table (BWC) and give the Wahine a chance to host a sub-regional, and go deep into the NCAA Tournament. The Final Four is not far-fetched, this could be the year.

Primary passers:
Savanah Kahakai 39SP 9Recept errors 206Total attempts .956%
Kalei Greeley 40SP 8Recept errors 183Total attempts .956%
Tai Manu-Olevao 37SP 8Recept errors 165Total attempts .952%
Nikki Taylor 40SP 2Recept errors 037Total attempts .946%
McKenna Granato 20SP 4Recept errors 071Total attempts .944%
Clare Anderson 31SP 1Recept errors 014Total attempts .929%

Savanah Kahaki 39SP 140Digs 3.59Digs/Set
Nikki Taylor 40SP 096Digs 2.40Digs/Set
Tayler Higgins 40SP 092Digs 2.30Digs/Set
Kalei Greeley 40SP 076Digs 1.90Digs/Set
Tai Manu-Olevao 37SP 046Digs 1.24Digs/Set
Clare Anderson 31SP 023Digs 0.74Digs/Set


Nikki Taylor 40SP 193Kills 4.82Kills/Set 73Kill Errors 405Total Attempts .296%
Kalei Greeley 40SP 080Kills 2.00Kills/Set 24Kill Errors 247Total Attempts .227%
Tai Manu-Olevao 37SP 093Kills 2.51Kills/Set 46Kill Errors 231Total Attempts .203%

Olivia Magill 39SP 102Kills 2.62Kills/Set 18Kill Errors 216Total Attempts .389%
Emily Maglio 28SP 045Kills 1.61Kills/Set 15Kill Errors 097Total Attempts .333%
Annie Mitchem 20SP 020Kills 1.00Kills/Set 06Kill Errors 051Total Attempts .275%

Blocks (No stats kept on touches-IMHO touches, followed by a dig that results in a Wahine’ kill is just as good as a block. Koelsch blocking stats is misleading because, IMHO she gets a lot of touches. LOL…only way we’ll know is to break-down every game match):

Olivia Magill 39SP 4Block Solo 58Block Assist 62Total Assists 1.59Blk/Set
Nikki Taylor 40SP 2Block Solo 55Block Assist 57Total Assists 1.42Blk/Set
Emily Maglio 28SP 1Block Solo 34Block Assist 35Total Assists 1.25Blk/Set
Annie Mitchem 20SP 1Block Solo 16Block Assist 17Total Assists 0.85Blk/Set
Kalei Greeley 40SP 1Block Solo 21Block Assists 22Total Assists 0.55Blk/Set
Tai Manu-Olevao 37SP 3Block Solo 14Block Assists 17Total Assists 0.46Blk/Set
Tayler Higgins 40SP 1Block Solo 15Block Assists 16Total Assists 0.40Blk/Set
Kendra Koelsch 30SP 0Block Solo 09Block Assists 09Total Assists 0.30Blk/Set


Tayler Higgins 40SP 392Assists 9.80Assist/Set 940Total Attempts .417%
Kendra Koelsch 30SP 063Assists 2.10Assist/Set 169Total Attempts .373%
Savanah Kahakai 39SP 037Assists 0.95Assist/Set 107Total Attempts .346%


Nikki Taylor 40SP 21Service Ace 0.52SA/Set 23Service Errors 161Total Attempts .857%
Tayler Higgins 40SP 14Service Ace 0.35SA/Set 22Service Errors 174Total Attempts .874%
Kalei Greeley 40SP 07Service Ace 0.17SA/Set 08Service Errors 110Total Attempts .9.27%
Tai Manu-Olevau 37SP 04Service Ace 0.11SA/Set 15Service Errors 097Total Attempts .845%
Clare Anderson 31SP 06Service Ace 0.19SA/Set 02Service Errors 110Total Attempts .982%
Savanah Kahakai 39SP 03Service Ace 0.08SA/Set 12Service Errors 165Total Attempts .927%
McKenna Granato 20SP 08Service Ace 0.40SA/Set 12Service Errors 062Total Attempts .806%
Ponce Katiana 10SP 00Service Ace 0.00SA/Set 00Service Errors 030Total Attempts 1.000%
Gianna Guinasso 10SP 00Service Ace 0.00SA/Set 02Service Errors 021Total Attempts .905%

Bottom line (JMHO):

If Nikki Taylor continue or improve on her current STATS she will be a, no Ifs or BUTs, a 1st Team All-American, and will be among the favorites for POY.

The passing of Kahakai, Greeley, and Manu-Olevau remain consistent, there is no reason why Oliva Magill does not make All-American (last year, even with up and down passing, she should have been a 2nd team AA).

And...Tayler Higgins will also have a chance to make All-American if the passing continue to be consistent where she can consistently get the middles involved, and those money sets to the outsides are put down for kills. And…if she can improve on her serving % to >.925% will add to her worth as being one of the elite 2015 setters. That 5th set serving versus Florida, where she consistently set Florida on their heels, was something to behold…up her serving %, and we will see more of that.

And…when Higgins is not into the game, coach Shoji will bring in Koelsch for that needed spark, i.e. versus Florida…And…when Manu-Olevao is also not into the game, coach will not hesitate to sub her with freshmen’ Granato or Castillo.

And...Savannah Kahakai, must continue to be assertive, be that boss of the back-row, so that coach Shoji have no lingering doubts on who IS the Wahine’ starting Libero.

And…too bad about Megan Huff. Down the line, after Nikki Taylor’ grad…she probably, with her athleticism and height, could’ve been the next Wahine’ opposite to terminate the D-SET. We’ll never know…but, definitely, when her basketball career is all pau, she’ll go down as one of the best BIGs to ever don a Wahine’ uniform.

But…the cupboard is not bare. There’s a 6-3 OH (Castillo) with athleticism, and a high-volleyball IQ who can be the next Opposite to terminate the D-Set.

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Re: Wahine Volleyball, Stats, looking Ahead

#2 Post by Duster » Tue Sep 22, 2015 11:18 am

Yes, I loved the passing against CS-Bakersfield this past Sunday, and enjoyed seeing the MHs get more swings.

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Re: Wahine Volleyball, Stats, looking Ahead

#3 Post by Mr.EDGE808 » Sun Sep 27, 2015 6:27 pm

:hello1: I got to say...love SEASIDER's bottom line! :wink:
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