Notes from SIUe game

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Notes from SIUe game

#1 Post by IFeelThat¿ » Fri Nov 11, 2016 10:59 pm

1. Rebounding: This new UH team has major rebounding issues. The bigs are too soft and don't look to box out. Ido Flaisher looks like the only sound rebounder on this team.

2. Turnovers: Sherrif Drammeh can't handle the ball. I'm not comfortable with him being the Bows floor general. Although, this is the first game of the season with a completely new team so I was expecting this to happen. This team doesn't look comfortable passing the ball.

3. A lot of blown wide open lay ups.

4. Noah Allen is looking great. He is the only guy on this team that can create his own shot and he'll be the go to guy this season. I also like Ido Flaisher.

5. I was never really a fan of Sherrif Drammeh. I already mentioned he isn't a true point guard. Sherrif flops way too much and is really embarrassing. He needs to develop his ball handling and passing game.

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