Cross Country 2009

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Re: Cross Country 2009

#211 Post by nobody2 » Wed Oct 21, 2009 3:00 pm

In a belated response to mauioutlaw’s Oct. 12 post, I agree with your comments about the value of course-characteristics discussions and about the pointlessness of the state championships cutbacks. If a reduction in numbers will save the state money, then consider cutting it; but if the reduction is just to make other costly sports feel better about their own reductions, don’t do it. Cuts “across the board” with no regard for actual money saved function to give the taxpayers less for the same amount of money. How does this make sense? The economy is bad, so we should reduce the number of athletes we get at states even though it won’t save a single dollar…it’s only fair…what? If you cut your cheek shaving, you don’t put a band-aid on the other cheek just to be fair. This year’s cutback actually WASTES money by giving us less for the same number of dollars. We should have saved ourselves a band-aid.

I previously predicted that, with the diminished number of slots, the OIA boys would possibly send only 2 teams to states (with perhaps neither of them having a full team of 7 runners). If you look at last year’s OIA boys results, this possibility becomes evident. If only 48 boys had gone to states last year, then only ONE SCHOOL, eventual state champ Leilehua, would have had a team from the OIA. Aiea, Castle, Roosevelt, Pearl City, Radford, and Kapolei would not have had enough runners to score as a team. Given that only ONE team qualified more than four runners in the top 48 last year, I’m doubtful that FOUR OIA teams will have scoring teams at states this year. I think it'll be 2 teams, 3 tops. That's down from 7 teams last year.

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Re: Cross Country 2009

#212 Post by 800runner » Wed Oct 21, 2009 9:54 pm

waipio lookout-
Just by talking to people at the finish (and I haven't seen any official times) I heard about 16:50 for Pleskacz, 17:00 for Thibodeau, 17:10 for Schaerer, and Isaiah Sato came in just behind Schaerer.
If anyone else has any different times/official times can you post it?

Also nobody2
I think not only can the lack of full scoring teams from the OIA be attributed to a diminished number of slots but consider that not many OIA teams have clearly been strong. Unlike last year, where Castle and Leilehua were very strong (and showed it at states), this year no teams are really outstanding. With qualifiers limited to an individual basis, teams need strong runners 1-5 (or more) to ensure a team qualifies for states. Without team qualifers, where a team could have bad 5,6, and 7 runners and still qualify for states, a single poor finish by a top 5 runner could mean a team expected to finish reasonably high at states would not score at all (like Radford, who only fields 5 varsity runners). This could throw off the states race making it a lot closer than it should be with some top finishers not scoring.

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Re: Cross Country 2009

#213 Post by nobody2 » Thu Oct 22, 2009 9:33 am

800Runner--Right. With an exclusively individual-focused system of filling slots, the OIA will suffer at states (as a conference) by having fewer teams be able to score (with 5 or more runners). To use your example, there is a chance that Castle, which is clearly the best boys team in the OIA East, may miss sending its fifth runner to states if he doesn't have a good race at the OIA championships. I don't think of this situation where "no teams are really outstanding" as a bad thing at all; it often is a sign of a more competitive, stronger conference. This is why the system that is in place is so perplexing. The stronger and more competitive the OIA is this year, in terms of having fast runners from a variety of schools, the fewer OIA schools will actually be represented in the team scoring at states. This seems backward to me and counterproductive for the league. Shouldn't they have a system where tighter conference competition is rewarded with your strongest teams going to states? I suppose one might argue that your strongest teams SHOULD go to states in an individualized system, but I think the current situation makes it much more likely that few or no teams from the OIA will send the crucial 7 runners (which we all know makes for the best showing at states) from its best team(s). The fifth runner has never been more important than this year in the OIA.

Some results from the ILH boys at Punahou this past weekend:

1. Borys Pleskacz (I)--16:57
2. Jordan Thibodeau (K)--17:07
3. Nikolai Scharer (P)--17:11
4. Isaiah Sato (K)--17:11
5. Daniel Kaneko (K)--17:23
6. Troy Esaki (I)--17:25
7. Justin Higa (I)--17:30
8. Jordan Kahawai (K)--17:32
9. Ian Terayama (P)--17:35
10. Alex Ortega (K)--17:56
Three of the next four boys were from Kamehameha.

I don't have the girls results handy, but I'm pretty sure they aren't online anywhere that I have found.
QUESTION: Does anybody know a good place to view Maui results (other than what's already on the Kautech site)? I try to view them at Kautech and all I get is a useless error page from the Maui News. I'm particularly interested in the varsity boys teams. Maui High is obviously good (based on Kaiser Invite), but I don't know anything about some of the other teams, such as Seabury, Baldwin, and King Kekaulike.

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Re: Cross Country 2009

#214 Post by Tyler » Thu Oct 22, 2009 10:31 am

#4 Girls 3 Mile Run CC Varsity
Comp# Name School Time Points
1 1272 Brady, Ellie FR Punahou Jv/Varsity Girls 20:06.21
2 1288 Mann, Kyleigh SO Punahou Jv/Varsity Girls 20:14.93
3 766 Hann, Claire SR Pac-5 20:17.26
4 538 Wong, Jenna 12 Iolani Girls 20:26.52
5 1283 Brand, Julia JR Punahou Jv/Varsity Girls 20:27.67
6 514 Morrissey, Kelli 12 Iolani Girls 20:45.08
7 1225 Mikami, Noelani SR Kamehameha-Kapalama Girls 20:51.31
8 476 Ball, Breanne 10 Iolani Girls 21:05.05
9 1284 Won, Kacie SO Punahou Jv/Varsity Girls 21:07.21
10 607 Nicholls, Heidi JR Hawaii Baptist Academy 21:16.19
11 615 Nakashima, Tia SR Hawaii Baptist Academy 21:30.76
12 1298 Woolley, Monica SO Punahou Jv/Varsity Girls 21:42.54
13 1277 Durso, Jamie FR Punahou Jv/Varsity Girls 21:52.13
14 1286 Tsuzaki, Kara SO Punahou Jv/Varsity Girls 21:54.29
15 614 Chan, Chelsea SR Hawaii Baptist Academy 21:57.94
16 1211 Lee, Awapuhi JR Kamehameha-Kapalama Girls 21:59.61
17 1156 Agena, Cyan JR Kamehameha-Kapalama Girls 22:09.74
18 762 Matsuda-Lawrence, Kimiko S Pac-5 22:10.63
19 608 Ogoshi, Keri JR Hawaii Baptist Academy 22:23.87
20 755 Lam, Risa FR Pac-5 22:24.40
21 1177 Dollar, Liana SO Kamehameha-Kapalama Girls 22:42.85
22 1210 Kimura, Morgan JR Kamehameha-Kapalama Girls 22:44.90
23 522 Pyun, Valerie 11 Iolani Girls 22:48.78
24 771 Viernes, Kelly SR Pac-5 22:49.74
25 609 Takushi, Jamie JR Hawaii Baptist Academy 22:51.75
26 1267 Choy, Courtney SR Punahou Jv/Varsity Girls 22:52.21
27 497 Jordan, Phoebe 12 Iolani Girls 22:53.30
28 1295 Steele, Megan SR Punahou Jv/Varsity Girls 23:05.89
29 1194 Hu, Shayna SR Kamehameha-Kapalama Girls 23:20.93
30 596 Higashiya, Kori SO Hawaii Baptist Academy 23:26.93
31 594 Au, Kim SO Hawaii Baptist Academy 23:28.44
32 610 Tanaka, Shelby JR Hawaii Baptist Academy 23:29.64
33 1307 Fukuyama, Tama SO Punahou Jv/Varsity Girls 23:30.61
34 613 Uyehara, Aimee JR Hawaii Baptist Academy 23:31.07
35 839 Mau, Lindsey SO St/ Francis 23:31.49
36 846 Valentini, Nicole SR St. Andrew's Priory 23:33.84
37 1180 Fellezs, Fraser-Ann SR Kamehameha-Kapalama Girls 23:56.05
38 765 Aiona, Imi SR Pac-5 24:02.05
39 1186 Gay-Warren, Sunshine SR Kamehameha-Kapalama Girls 24:12.81
40 1233 Ogino, Jayme SR Kamehameha-Kapalama Girls 24:21.21
41 1228 Nakanelua, Kiana SR Kamehameha-Kapalama Girls 24:29.09
42 526 Senaga, Shelby 12 Iolani Girls 24:31.32
43 851 Tamanaha, Nicole SO St. Andrew's Priory 24:37.87
44 843 Sun, Mei-Shan SR St. Andrew's Priory 24:38.32
45 810 Nagasawa, Chloe SO Pacific Buddhist Academy 24:50.52
46 1197 Jelf-Albert, Jessica JR Kamehameha-Kapalama Girls 24:52.35
47 844 Grems, Alexis SR St. Andrew's Priory 25:10.71
48 845 Skardon, Frances JR St. Andrew's Priory 25:11.87
49 531 Taniguchi, Ka'ili 12 Iolani Girls 25:26.21
50 1227 Nakamura, Joy SR Kamehameha-Kapalama Girls 25:26.61
51 506 Linsky, Miranda 12 Iolani Girls 25:45.86
52 729 Yasuda, Micki FR Mid-Pacific Institute 25:56.59
53 850 Young, Cassie JR St. Andrew's Priory 25:57.08
54 724 Ishikawa, Amanda SO Mid-Pacific Institute 25:58.03
55 848 Min Noh, Kyung SR St. Andrew's Priory 26:22.81
56 726 Ho, Noelani SO Mid-Pacific Institute 26:40.18
57 1257 Ige, Amy SR Punahou Jv/Varsity Girls 26:40.87
58 725 Shomura, Kelsey SO Mid-Pacific Institute 26:44.40
59 847 Ryon, Ariel SR St. Andrew's Priory 26:52.30
60 764 Aponte, Courtney SR Pac-5 26:52.86
61 507 Lum, Katherine 12 Iolani Girls 27:44.71
62 1238 Ramones, Tianee SR Kamehameha-Kapalama Girls 28:21.00
63 813 Matsuoka, Alyson SR Pacific Buddhist Academy 28:43.90
64 547 Reynolds, Nicole JR Christian Academy 30:11.55
65 499 Kano, Alyssa 12 Iolani Girls 30:12.23
66 728 Tokunaga, Tori FR Mid-Pacific Institute 34:22.85

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Re: Cross Country 2009

#215 Post by RunJonPaulAMPM » Thu Oct 22, 2009 11:33 am

People these days are spoiled when it comes to results. Before the internet, on Oahu I would have to go to the State Library to check the papers from the neighbor island for results. The URL from the current news pages at the Maui News site, changes when they are archived. The link posted at the Kautech site was only good for the day that it was published in the Maui News. You just need to go to the main Maui News site and do a search for MIL Cross Country to find any published results. Some of the high school pages, like Seabury Hall also posts results of meets.

Oct. 10 MIL Results from Maui News

Saturday's Results

At Lahainaluna


Team scores---1. Maui High 21, Baldwin 30, Molokai 89.

Individual results---1. Hailey Grossman, Seabury Hall, 19:51.50; 2. Shannon Whener, Maui High, 20:12.22; 3. Rachel Yadao, Maui High, 21:44.94; 4. Danzen Llaneza, Maui High, 22:28.69; 5. Bree Yokouchi, Baldwin, 22:37.88; 6. Jennifer Alaka'i, Baldwin, 23:02.59; 7. Eunice Park, Baldwin, 23:05.88; 8. Sarah Yadao, Maui High, 23:26.09; 9. Briana Garalde, Maui High, 23:28.62; 10. Caitlyn Fisler, Maui Prep, 23:37.53; 11. Treya Smith, Hana, 23:44.34; 12. Christina Wine, Baldwin, 23:54.94; 13. Lindsey Miyamoto, Baldwin, 23:59.38; 14. Chloe Fukuda, Baldwin, 24:01.94; 15. Ana Gaspar-Agcaoili, Maui High, 24:10.50; 16. Taylor Wakayama, Maui High, 24:26.59; 17. Petrisha Alvarez, Molokai, 24:37.66; 18. Keisha Mateo, Baldwin, 24:47.59; 19. Kamalani Uehara, Kamehameha Maui, 25:03.00; 20. Charisse Manley, Molokai, 25:07.84; 21. Hillary Leano, Lanai, 25:14.94; 22. Kristina Egdamin, Baldwin, 25:22.78; 23. Lauren Ichimura, Baldwin, 25:27.75; 24. Jessica Malknecht, Baldwin, 25:33.56; 25. Naomi Holokai, Kamehameha Maui, 25:35.06; 26. Kelly Luis, Kamehameha Maui, 25:48.69; 27. Sharali Dudoit-Enos, Molokai, 26:46.15; 28. Marissa Sterner, Molokai, 26:46.62; 29. Lindsey Larson, St. Anthony, 27:06.73; 30. Bryana Bandalan, Lanai, 27:19.06; 31. Louisa Torres-Umi, Molokai, 27:25.78; 32. Annette Kinchiro, Baldwin, 27:26.52; 33. Tayler Duarte, Baldwin, 27:26.75; 34. Jenna Grimes, Baldwin, 27:31.28; 35. Royalene Mele Fernandez, Lanai, 27:39.18; 36. Kalani Wainright, Molokai, 27:46.91; 37. Victoria Alakai, Kamehameha Maui, 27:52.15; 38. Elise Bal, Kamehameha Maui, 28:16.88; 39. Kiara Kobayashi, Baldwin, 28:34.72; 40. Emma Smith, St. Anthony, 28:47.18; 41. Juliette Campbell, Hana, 28:57.09; 42. Eryn Pendergast, Lahainaluna, 29:18.62; 43. Chelsea Johnson, Maui Prep, 29:48.12; 44. Tatiana Eckhart, Baldwin, 30:40.62; 45. Jessica Garcia, Maui High, 30:41.34; 46. Gina-Bella Mataafa, Lahainaluna, 32:02.41; 47. Ashley Juan, Baldwin, 33:31.78; 48. Kristina Soliven, Baldwin, 33:37.59; 49. Dianne Dannug, Lanai, 33:51.34; 50. Daveyana San-Miguel, Maui Prep, 35:54.88.



Team scores---1. Maui High 33, 2. Baldwin 50, 3. Maui Preparatory Academy 63, 4. Molokai 78.

Individual results---1. Rocky Balala, Maui High, 17:13.91; 2. Nicola Perez-Garreaud, Maui High, 17:30.09; 3. Zach Ferguson, Maui Prep, 17:48.56; 4. Dino DeSalvio, Maui Prep, 17:51.69; 5. Taylor Hovious, Baldwin, 17:59.81; 6. James Pearson, Baldwin, 18:00.72; 7. Jestoni Ganotisi, Maui High, 18:01.46; 8. Lito Cuaresma, Maui High, 18:04.31; 9. Cory Fernandez, Baldwin, 18:09.84; 10. Jordan Ordonez-Ohashi, Lanai, 18:11.88; 11. Alvin Ringor, Molokai, 18:21.03; 12. July Barboza, Baldwin, 18:34.34; 13. Hunter Rosenquist, Maui Prep, 18:38.91; 14. Kevin Dudoit, Molokai, 18:48.97; 15. Caxious Florendo-Bourne, Maui High, 18:53.03; 16. Akona Adolpho, Molokai, 18:58.09; 17. Kevin Dudoit, Molokai, 18:59.84; 18. Jesse Irwin, Baldwin, 19:00.40; 19. Isreal Adolpho, Molokai, 19:05.97; 20. TJ Sayers, Maui High, 19:13.06; 21. Ryan Koss, Seabury Hall, 19:14.56; 22. Devon Bloss, Maui Prep, 19:33.47; 23. Xavier Damo, Maui Prep, 19:40.00; 24. Alan Amby, Lanai, 19:44.15; 25. Tyler Satoshige, Baldwin, 19:46.81; 26. Liam Ohashi-White, Baldwin, 19:49.69; 27. Ryne Yokouchi, Baldwin, 19:50.18; 28. Levi Almeida, Kamehameha Maui, 19:50.93; 29. Jordan Moracco, Maui High, 19:52.48; 30. Tyler Alfante, Maui High, 19:59.62; 31. Joey Rodrigues, Maui High, 20:03.12; 32. Miles Kiffman, Baldwin, 20:06.12; 33. Forrest Murdoch, King Kekaulike, 20:17.38; 34. Mathew Wallner, King Kekaulike, 20:20.84; 35. Jess Hinton, King Kekaulike, 20:21.56; 36. Alex Guerrero, Kamehameha Maui, 20:29.84; 37. Alden Simmer, Seabury Hall, 20:31.50; 38. Aldrin Calilao, Maui High, 20:37.28; 39. Jerald Mendoza, Maui High, 20:38.37; 40. Adam Lundblad, Seabury Hall, 20:51.28; 41. Jared Toba, Kamehameha Maui, 20:53.66; 42. Harold Sagario, Maui High, 21:04.88; 43. Taylor Fourie, Seabury Hall, 21:11.41; 44. Devin Vinoray, Seabury Hall, 21:15.72; 45. Von Etrata, Lanai, 21:25.53; 46. Tyler Feiteira, Baldwin, 21:28.62; 47. Kailen Inouye, Molokai, 21:30.22; 48. Sean O'Hanlon, Maui Prep, 21:30.56; 49. Preston Kim, Baldwin, 21:37.03; 50. Blake Kristofferson, Hana, 21:39.12; 51. Jordan Piano, Baldwin, 21:43.97; 52. Tyler Armijo, Lahainaluna, 21:44.90; 53. Endrew Sabas, Maui High, 21:51.28; 54. David Jackson, Lahainaluna, 21:51.93; 55. Aasin Torricer, Kamehameha Maui, 22:12.44; 56. Derek Cuevas, Maui Prep, 22:32.91; 57. Chris Kim, Kamehameha Maui, 22:45.34; 58. Max Garrison, Baldwin, 22:53.09; 59. Makai Mann, Kamehameha Maui, 22:54.31; 60. Jason Chou, Baldwin, 23:02.59; 61. Sam Fulton, Kihei Charter, 23:03.18; 62. Genisis Perez, Maui High, 23:10.03; 63. Kyle Mackie, Seabury Hall, 23:10.62; 64. Sage Trudeau, Seabury Hall, 23:19.25; 65. Reilly Pasion, Lahainaluna, 23:25.03; 66. Steven Cosma, Hana, 23:28.12; 67. Andrew Raikes, Hana, 24:02.28; 68. Dylan Vidad, Lanai, 24:02.56; 69. Casey Kaya, Baldwin, 24:33.84; 70. Kyle Mackie, Seabury Hall, 24:46.41; 71. Jared Shimada, Seabury Hall, 24:50.91; 72. Gerald Maeda, St. Anthony, 24:56.91; 73. Matthew Matasci, St. Anthony, 25:13.75; 74. Jimmy Wicklund, Kamehameha Maui, 25:32.47; 75. Kamaka Pocock, Kamehameha Maui, 25:32.84; 76. Devyn Torres, Maui Prep, 25:39.22; 77. Kevin Amby, Lanai, 25:59.88; 78. Von Etrata, Lanai, 26:00.15; 79. Tyler Digiulio, Maui High, 27:40.41; 80. Jordan Gines, Maui High, 27:46.66; 81. William Schusser, Lahainaluna, 33:05.91; 82. Mehran Karimabadi, Maui Prep, 33:22.47.
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Re: Cross Country 2009

#216 Post by RunJonPaulAMPM » Thu Oct 22, 2009 11:44 am

Article on KIF Championship from Kauai Garden Island News

Kapa‘a boys, Kaua‘i girls finish tops in cross country

By Dennis Fujimoto - The Garden Island
Published: Monday, October 19, 2009 2:51 PM HST
PUHI — The Kapa‘a High School boys and the Kaua‘i High School girls won the Kaua‘i Interscholastic Federation Cross Country Championships, Saturday at the Island School course.

But the first finishers in both the boys and the girls races were not from the winning schools.

Pierce Murphy, running for Island School, continued his domination of the boys field with a first overall finish at 16:23.20, bettering his time from the last race in preparation for the state race and finishing a full two minutes ahead of the second overall finish by Kapa‘a’s Riley Cox (18:23.90) and Brycen Phillips (18:34.70), finishing third overall.

That 2-3 finish by the Warriors gave the Kapa‘a boys team the lead that was not challenged as the first four of its five scoring runners finished in the top 10.

The Kapa‘a boys wrapped up the title with 33 points to Kaua‘i’s 55 points. Island School finished third at 63 points followed by Waimea with 72 points.

Kaua‘i High School girls, led by Cinzia Bruno (22:41.00, third overall) and Kendall Andersland (22:41.30, fourth overall), were tied with Kapa‘a until the third runner when Christina Pearson, returning from an ailment at the last race, pulled Kaua‘i ahead with her sixth overall finish (23:15.20) to Kapa‘a’s Emma Rausch finishing 15th overall for Kapa‘a at 24:54.90.

Kaua‘i placed all five of its scoring runners in the top 10 finishers while Waimea, following the first finish of Natasha Abadilla (21:25.50), interrupted the field between Kapa‘a’s fifth overall and 15th overall runners by filling the 10th through 14th places.

“I knew I had to do it,” said Abadilla following her win following a bumpy KIF season where final barriers and health problems got in the way of her wins. “I knew I could do it, I just had to make the move. We were in the canefields and I figured it was now, or never.”

Coming out of the canefields, the crowd was surprised when Abadilla had made her move to usurp the lead off the line by Kaua‘i’s Bruno and Andersland.

“This is a good way to end the season,” said Danny Abadilla, Natasha’s father. “She put everything on the line, even cutting her hair and donating it to Locks of Love before the race.”

Natasha said she had to win the race because she wanted to make her coaches proud because they all knew she could do it.

Jayme Jacinto, heading to the KIF girls volleyball matches immediately following the race, was the swing factor for the Menehune, crossing 10th overall on a 23:43.30 run and pulling Waimea ahead of Kapa‘a. Jacinto was followed by Elisa Broyles (23:57.10), Mariebeth Watanabe (24:08.70), Jayme Knapp (24:38.30) and Charlene Miguel (24:39.50) before Rausch’s crossing.

Kaua‘i commanded the girls scoring with 29 points followed by Waimea’s 42 points and Kapa‘a ending with 59 points.

That finish gives Kaua‘i five of the nine available berths for the state race that will run Oct. 31 at Island School. Although no official announcement was made on the remaining four spots, Waimea and Kapa‘a appear to have two runners apiece competing.

Kapa‘a’s Takara Kunioka topped the Warrior wahine on a second overall finish (22:22.00) followed by Tiare Welborn (23:11.40, 5th overall), Rausch, Kehaulani Relacion (25:18.60, 19th overall) and Alia Weiss (25:19.70, 20th overall).

Following Cox and Phillips, Kapa‘a’s win came with Micah Domingcil (19:16.80), Maximilian Drobba (19:29.50) and Bradley Heiser (19:57.20).

Kaua‘i’s leaders included Joshua Herr (18:58.90, 4th overall), Jason Chun (19:33.10, 10th overall), Mason Vegas (19:46.20, 11th overall), D. Herr (19:53.40, 12th overall) and Kyle Napoleon (20:51.50, 18th overall).

Jonathan Tangalin, coming from a KIF football game, Friday night, topped the Waimea runners at sixth overall (19:26.30) followed by Keone Mattos (19:27.20, 7th overall), Bryson Tacata (20:46.30, 17th overall), Joshua Quinlan (20:56.20, 20th) and Amlan Fujimura (21:38.10, 29th).

Following Murphy for Island School, Jeremy Randolph-Flag stopped the clock at 19:28.20, eighth overall, followed by Ryan Perez (19:56.20, 13th), Sam Dunham (21:00.90, 22nd) and Dylan Morrison-Fogel (21:09.60, 24th).

The Honolulu Marathon Cross County State Championships presented by the Hawai‘i High School Athletic Association will be hosted by Island School starting at 9 a.m., Oct. 31.

“This should be a good race,” said Dr. Shawn Murphy, Pierce’s father, following the KIF championships. “Pierce is not used to having people ahead of him, and the state race will have 160 people vying for the lead.”

Coming off a pre-season race where Pierce was bested by Margarito Martinez of Leilehua High School, Shawn said Pierce will be heading to the Mount San Antonio Collegiate cross country races this week.

“This is the biggest cross country race in the world with starting taking place every eight minutes,” Shawn said. “I used to run in it in high school, and now Pierce is going to be running in it.”

Shawn said Pierce will be running in the Division I Varsity class of this race to gain some experience running with a lot of competition.

“Pierce may not show too much expression when he runs,” Shawn said. “But he knows that when the state race happens he’ll be running for Kaua‘i and he’s real proud of that.”

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Re: Cross Country 2009

#217 Post by todaresq » Thu Oct 22, 2009 7:15 pm

RunJonPaulAMPM - thanks for posting the results. The MIL has yet to have their championships, so those times don't really indicate the best times. Most of the students were out taking their SAT's and those who ran, well... they just ran.

nobody2 - sounds like OIA needs to revamp its selection process. MIL allows the top two team automatic spots to states up to the cut off number given by HHSSA, so even if a top two team has a runner not making the cutoff, they automatically bump off someone's spot. I believe BIIF has a similar format for its selection up to 3 teams.

As far as the MIL Championship course. It'll be a two loop course with a finish section that zig zags on the infield of the track. Extremely technical, with lots of turns and sharp climbs designed to shift their running tempo. Really designed for a second half type of runner. Anyone who pushes the first loop too hard, will have to face the same challenges on the second loop and waste their legs. 75% Grass, 15% track, 10% pavement with some muddy spots here and there.

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Re: Cross Country 2009

#218 Post by todaresq » Sat Oct 24, 2009 1:57 pm

Here's the top runners from the MIL Championships this morning. Extremely humid conditions on a tough course (two loops with a track zig zag finish) with enough sharp short climbs to slow down the top runners. Rocky Balala missed a turn and had to retrace his steps to lose the lead and run back to 3rd place overall. Hailey Grossman ran relaxed with Shanon Whener and the two never really had anyone else going after them. Maui High boys team won their race easily as well as Seabury Hall girls despite not having two returnees from their last years state squad.
1 Perez-Garreaud, Nicola - MHS 17.38
2 Ringor, Alvin - Molokai 17.54
3 Balala, Rocky - MHS 18.01
4 Ferguson, Zach - Maui Prep 18.04
5 DeSalvio, Dino - Maui Prep 18.12
6 Pearson, James - BHS 18.24
7 Adolpho, Akona - Molokai 18.25
8 Dudoit, Kevin - Molokai 18.37
9 Heitzman, Brenden - SH 18.43
10 Johnson, Zack - SH 18.43

1 Grossman, Hailey - SH 19.56
2 Whener, Shannon - MHS 20.25
3 Malek, Justine - SH 22.01
4 Lundblad, Lea - SH 22.05
5 Yadao, Rachel -MHS 22.12
6 Cadiz, Cady - SH 22.14
7 Machida, Sheyenne - MHS 22.18
8 Haines, Christie - SH 22.36
9 Yokouchi, Bree - BHS 22.38
10 Park, Eunice - BHS 22.51

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Re: Cross Country 2009

#219 Post by run4fun » Sat Oct 24, 2009 6:55 pm

Any news on how the ILH Championships went today?

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Re: Cross Country 2009

#220 Post by MilRunFan » Sat Oct 24, 2009 7:26 pm

Unknown...I'd like to see what Mililani is up against next week!

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Re: Cross Country 2009

#221 Post by 800runner » Sat Oct 24, 2009 10:05 pm

I don't know official times but:
Kamehameha boys dominated the boys side, winning both JV and Varsity with their 5 runners in the top 15. Second in Varsity was Iolani, followed by Punahou close behind (7 pts)
1) Jordan Thibodeau (Ran about 16:30)
2) Borys Pleskacz
3) Isaiah Sato

On the girls side, Punahou's top 3 looked strong but their four and five were a little far back to make them clear favorites for next week. It is a toss up right now between Punahou and Mililani.
1) Ellie Brady (by 30-40 seconds, looked dominant, ran a little over 19:00)
2) Claire Hann
3) Kyleigh Mann
4) Julia Brand

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Re: Cross Country 2009

#222 Post by hzy » Sat Oct 24, 2009 10:26 pm

Here are the top team results and the top 30 finishers from the MIL Championships. The results are posted at


Team scores---Maui High 44, Molokai 59, Baldwin 73, Maui Preparatory Academy 80, Seabury Hal 116, King Kekaulike 154, Lanai 185, Kamehameha Maui 201.

Individual Results---1. Nicola Perez-Garreaud, Maui High, 17:38, 2. Alvin Ringor, Molokai, 17:54, 3. Rocky Balala, Maui High, 18:01, 4. Zach Ferguson, Maui Prep, 18:04, 5. Dino DeSalvio, Maui Prep, 18:12, 6. James Pearson, Baldwin, 18:24, 7. Akona Adolpho, Molokai, 18:25, 8. Kevin Dudoit, Molokai, 18:37, 9. Brenden Heitzman, Seabury Hall, 18:43, 10. Zack Johnson, Seabury Hall, 18:43, 11. July Barboza, Baldwin, 18:44, 12. Jestoni Ganotisi, Maui High, 18:45, 13. Angelito Cuaresma, Maui High, 18:46, 14. Cory Fernandez, Baldwin, 18:54, 15. Caxious Florendo-Bourne, Maui High, 18:56, 16. Jordan Ordonez-Ohanshi, Lanai, 18:57, 17. Torsten Durkan, King Kekaulike, 19:03, 18. Hunter Rosenquist, Maui Prep, 19:04, 19. Julien Bumatay, Molokai, 19:07, 20. Taylor Hovious, Baldwin, 19:08, 21. Terrance Sayers Jr:, Maui High, 19:09, 22. Liam Ohashi-White, Baldwin, 19:29, 23. Isreal Adolpho, Molokai, 19:31, 24. Alan Amby, Lanai, 19:33, 25. Levi Almeida, Kamehameha Maui, 19:34, 26. Devon Bloss, Maui Prep, 19:35, 27. Xavier Damo, Maui Prep, 19:37, 28. Kaikona Hendershot, King Kekaulike, 19:41, 29. Tyler Alfante, Maui High, 19:51, 30. Nick Noufer, Seabury Hall, 20:02


Team scores---Seabury Hall 22, Maui High 39, Baldwin 60, Kamehameha Maui 132, Molokai 149, King Kekaulike 156, Lanai 190.

Individual results---1. Hailey Grossman, Seabury Hall, 19:56, 2. Shannon Whener, Maui High, 20:25, 3. Justine Malek, Seabury Hall, 22:01, 4. Lea Lundblad, Seabury Hall, 22:05, 5. Rachel Yadao, Maui High, 22:12, 6. Cady Cadiz, Seabury Hall, 22:14, 7. Sheyenne Machida, Maui High, 22:18, 8. Christie Haines, Seabury Hall, 22:36, 9. Bree Yokouchi, Baldwin, 22:38, 10. Eunice Park, Baldwin, 22:51, 11. Ellissa Bio, Baldwin, 22:51, 12. Danzen May Lianeza, Maui High, 22:52, 13. Lyssa Freitas, Maui High, 23:17, 14. Lindsey Miyamoto, Baldwin, 23:19, 15. Briana Garalde, Maui High, 23:24, 16. Jennifer Alakai, Baldwin, 23:44, 17. Roxanne Gaedeke, Seabury Hall, 24:01, 18. Christina Wine, Baldwin, 24:04, 19. Petrisha Alvarez, Molokai, 24:05, 20. Terah Summers, Baldwin, 24:11, 21. Naomi Holokai, Kamehameha Maui, 24:19, 22. Sofie Freeman, King Kekaulike, 24:20, 23. Caitlyn Fisler, Maui Prep, 24:26, 24. Shoshana Jaffe, Kihei, 24:26, 25. Treya Smith, Hana, 24:56, 26. Hori Taylor, Seabury Hall, 25:17, 27. Charisse Manley, Molokai, 25:18, 28. Kamalani Uehara, Kamehameha Maui, 25:22, 29. Sonya Donohue, Kamehameha Maui, 25:42, 30. Sarah Yadao, Maui High, 25:46

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Re: Cross Country 2009

#223 Post by MilRunFan » Sat Oct 24, 2009 10:40 pm

800: How does Mid Pac compare to CORP?

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Re: Cross Country 2009

#224 Post by 800runner » Sat Oct 24, 2009 10:53 pm

Faster. I would guess at least 20-30 seconds faster. The top 8 or 9 runners on the boys side were under 17:00. There is a lot of pavement to contribute to the speed, plus the weather was great when the Vars Boys started and it continued through the Vars Girls race. It was cloudy with little wind, although the humidity somehow disappeared. Also, in my opinion (but I have never measured the course) it is shorter than CORP or Punahou but that is just my opinion. The top 40 runners (the state qualifiers) all came in under 19:00 for the boys. I'd say when comparing the times on the Mililani Website, Martinez would have finished first, then Thibodeau, then Pleskacz, then Honeker, then Sato (or flip them). After that it would be a little harder to extrapolate where the next ILH runners would stop before Carvalho (great race moving up from JV). But I am under the assumption that the top runners have gotten better, especially if you compare the times between Punahou Race 1 and Punahou Race 2.

I also would like to note that the OIA will only be sending one team of 7 (Pearl City) and 3 other scoring teams (Leilehua, Kapolei, and Castle). This could shake up the race a bit. If guys like Honeker and Carvalho don't score for their teams, the team championship could be a lot closer (ex. if there are 4 runners, but the middle 2 don't score, then the first only scores one more than the 4th) than we would expect.

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Re: Cross Country 2009

#225 Post by 800runner » Sat Oct 24, 2009 10:55 pm

Oh also, on the girls side, I think it would come down to Jenkins or Brady (times too close to tell) then Pugliese, then the 2-4 ILH then Keith.
These are only considering the OIA and ILH if they had run on the same course.

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