It was an awesome day in Manoa, ubercow and myself had a blast watching the Warriors practice. Forgive me for taking so long but I am currently going through almost 200 video files trying to sort them out and put them together. As I work on the videos I want to give everyone a little sample of what we got.

For those of you who haven’t been to practice before, it gets a little intense and the trash talking comes alive when the offense goes up against the defense. You can see that pride is on the line, both the offense and the defense refuse to back down to each other. The following video is an example of the verbal psychological warfare that goes on between the offense and the defense:

Near the end of the scrimmage #39 (Breyden Torres-Keohokapu) scored a touchdown and Corey Paredes celebrated with him for a job well done.   If you listen carefully (in video below) you will hear his defensive teammates yelling (at corey) “what team are you on?”  Corey replies, “Castle, Castle!”  LOL classic!

I’ll try my best to put more videos out, sorry again for the delay.  It’s a busy weekend for me!  GO WARRIORS!!!

Fall practice video 8/11