NelsonO and Hawkpeter (our resident expert on rugby and pipeline to Australia) talks about the learning curve Scott Harding going from Aussie Rules to American Football.


On local radio station 1420, Coach Nick Rolovich had some interesting comments regarding a few offensive players in an interview with host Bobby Curran.

Rolovich said Sterling Jackson and Joey Iosefa are right now the top two RBs. Curran commented that Jackson is credited with being the better runner, while Iosefa is perceived as the better blocker. Rolo stated that Jackson is not necessarily the better runner, Rolo said Jackson and Iosefa are different types of runners. Rolo would not pick one running back over the other, so my assumption is that Jakcson and Iosefa are about even right now.

He commented that after Jackson and Iosefa, John Lister is next on the depth chart.

Rolovich remarked that QB Bryant Moniz played most of last year with turf toe. Rolo said since he has been associated with UH, Moniz is the best running QB. Rolo commented that so long as Moniz can get the first down by running, Moniz has the green light to go.

Rolovich said Scott Harding, the new slotback from Australia and former professional rugby player, has made a lot of advancement in only few days. Rolo commented that Harding already understands the most advanced pass routes, but Rolo needed to explain pass interference to Harding (that is, pass interference by Harding in going for the ball).

Rolovich observed that among the receivers Allen Sampson has made the most improvement from last year. Among the receivers, Rolo picked Brendan Torres- Keohokapu as the sleeper…(more)

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Pass Interference on Harding
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