Another great write up by NelsonO on Saturday’s practice 8/7/11, thank you!  Don’t forget to visit our forums and read more comments and discussions about people who visited practice this fall.

Some ramblings on fall practice so far:

1) Right now, they have John Hardy-Tuliau and Mike Edwards competing for the same cornerback spot with Tank Hopkins and Kawika Ornellas (and others) competing on the other side.

There has been talk that if newcomer and highly-touted Edwards can pick up the scheme and handle the cornerback job, they may move Hardy-Tuliau to free safety. The concept being to go with the best four defensive backs (Hardy-Tuliau, Torres, Edwards, and Hopkins) in the secondary.

If they are the best four, they are a small four. Also, right now Hardy-Tuliau is looking real good at cornerback. He looks like a natural cornerback.

2) The Warriors are experimenting with hand signals for pre-snap communication.

3) There was the obligatory fight at practice yesterday. While I don’t condone fighting, I like the intensity. Football is not a pillow fight. While I don’t want the guys applying choke holds or gouging out eyes, some extra shoving gets the blood pumping.

Both fight participants were ejected from the practice field. But both walked and talked side-by-side on their way back to the locker room.

I hope they don’t do this in a game, but I like how some other players jumped into the fray. It’s good to know that somebody has your back. There has to be at least one fight during fall practice, otherwise I’ll just go watch the Wahine soccer practice on the adjoining field.

4) I think it’s kinda weird, but we could have players wearing #9, #42, and #49 on our defensive line.

5) Best catch of the day yesterday was Royce Pollard laying out to snag a long bomb. But an almost unnoticed play also drew praise from the coaches. A certain wide-out was a decoy (or at least he was not the primary receiver) on a pass play. His job was to run his route hard and to attract two defenders. He did a great acting job and he got the extra defender to bite. This left a big window underneath for the slotback and the pass was completed. It’s beautiful when the pass routes are run precisely (and the throw is on target).

6) How is this for attention to detail. Coach Tomey had the big guys practicing on how to field a pooch kick-off.


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Big Fight- Dip and Rip
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