By: dopaco24

donation.jpgI have an idea about donations. It seems that if we have 55,000 people donate 10 dollars a month for 5 years, the football program would have 33 million dollars. I’m not saying that the same 55,000 people would have to donate each month. If Oahu has 800,000 people, what’s 55,000 like, 6 percent?

Or if only 660,000 people on Oahu donated 10 dollars a year for 5 years that would be $33 million. That’s $33 million to make our facilities comparable to some major BCS Universities. How about we do it. I am down to donate a good bit of cash to start the campaign. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, so I have many different thoughts on how to get this campaign to work. I just want to hear what you the Sportshawaii people have to say about this. Pros and Cons.

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UH Donation idea