I took about 107 photos yesterday at the Parade of champions (Sports Hawaii Gallery). The fan support was touching and all of the champions deserve every bit of it. I also took short videos with my digital camera of the football players doing the Ha’a (Parade 2008).

The parade was such a positive impact for both the players and fans. If I was a player and saw so many people bleeding green, it would motivate me to work extra hard in the off season. However, I’m sure playing at Florida in September will give them an extra boost too.

It was great to see Brian K in the Parade, I couldn’t help but run out and shake his hand for inspiring so many players, coaches and fans. Showing everyone the true meaning of strength, character and perseverance. While watching the Parade on TV later that night, I noticed that Stephanie Lum and Marvin Buenconsejo didn’t recognize David Veikune (First Team All WAC DL) and Dan Kelly (First Team All WAC PK) because their names didn’t match the sign on the car. However, when Brian cruised by they both knew his name. I think a new nickname for Brian is in order, how about Hollywood!

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Parade of Champions 2008