by CoachKen

1. Offense- D-
2. Defense- C
3. Kicking game- D
4. Emotion- D
5. Penalties- F
6. Turnovers- F

There is something missing from this team right now. It has been evident the last two weeks. A few observations:

1. The play sequence being called on offense is not what Ron Lee would call. He knows this offense as well as June Jones and something is influencing his decision making. One thing that Ron does well is sequence plays. In the run and shoot you don’t run on first and second down and try to make up for it on third….that is an easy tip off for the defense. I know him well enough to know that he is excellent at sequencing plays based on what he sees. He is the right guy!

2. There is a fire missing on the offense. Someone needs to step up in a positive and motivating way to get these guys fired up and it has to be a player, not a coach. I saw a lot of good but not great “next level” effort.

3. Defense had to play way to much so I cannot say they did not do enough to help us stay in the game. I did see some let down. Adam Leonard is a strong leader for these guys but it takes more than just Adam…(more)

dcwarrior also chimed in with some observations:

FWIW, UH’s offense not executing has to do with less reps for the base RNS in practice and games.

Let’s look at the changes since last year:

1. Offense philosophy. Mack asked Ron Lee to put more running in, and to do more under center. I see the theory that under center might be OK but with the inexperience all over the skill positions, this means less time trying to learn, much less perfect, the base offense. There is a reason why JJ was stubborn and until the last 2 years had very few plays outside his base pass plays. That means, practice can concentrate on the basic RNS reads. We are three games in, and still the receivers and QBs are not in synch.

2. Playcalling. More of the same. Too many counters, not enough of the base offense. That means, the QB and receivers aren’t getting as much work on the base offense as they could be and so are not learning it as well as they should, 3 games in…(more)

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