Raudi and Kahaluu Imua Warriors have reports from this morning’s practice.  Thanks to both of them!

By: Raudi (Monday, August 18th)

I stopped by the practice fields today around 930 or so. Greg Alexander is back and practicing again. Looks like he and Funaki are sharing equal time as the back up. Overall Greg looked pretty sharp out there especially during the 2 min drill at the end of the practice were he led the O down the field with ease. Brent on the other hand had an up and down day. He made some great passes and some not so good one also. In particluar were the 2 picks he threw to J. Dowling, one of which was a pick 6 on an out to G. Salas. Looks like he still need to work on his decision making and timing with some of the recievers.

By: Kahaluu Imua Warriors (Monday, August 18th)

Leon looked blazingly fast. I think it is more knee problems than being out of shape. He did bulk up on top which is helping his blocking but that extra top weight is pounding on his skinny knee joints (I know I have two bad knees-ACLs). I think he has been taking it painfully easy on the run drills but pain disappears when he has the ball and coaches know it….(more)

8/18 Practice Reports