Thanks to goBows15, Kazz and uhwarriors, who filed reports from Saturday’s practice.

By: goBows15 (Saturday, August 16th)

Coach Mack seems very fired up about Florida and continually urges the team to work harder. He’s also great at giving praise for good effort. The coaches move the practice along at a brisk pace and they all seem to be working very hard. Great intensity by the coaches. Rolo spends a lot of time with Rausch as you would expect.

By: Kazz (Saturday, August 16th)

Vaughn Meatoga could see time in rotation, but will be VERY good for us in the seasons to come.
Chris Leatigaga should be feared. However he needs to work on his conditioning.
“Tua” Mahaley could emerge as a pleasant surprise at DE this year.

By: uhwarriors (Saturday, August 16th)

There are three things that stood out to me today:

1) There are a lot of banged up Warriors
2) The offense made some big plays but was overall inconsistent
3) McMackin is gradually moving into game preparation mode while continuing to work on conditioning…(lots more)

8/16 Practice Reports