Thanks to Raudi and uhwarriors for filing these practice reports:

By: Raudi (Friday, August 15)

Brent got most of the reps today followed by Inoki. Looks like GA has a foot injury as S. Tsai reported yesterday. He was out of pads and was with the rest of the walking wounded rehabing and working out with Mel DeLuara. Also LWJ still looks to have a bad wheel and is still limping around.

Otherwise Brent looked pretty good today. Seems like the O is starting to click and they aren’t getting dominated by the D all the time now. It’s more of a standstill, with maybe a slight edge to the D.

By: uhwarriors (Friday, August 15)

The offense ran 7 on 7’s in the red zone and did pretty well today. Rausch got most of the reps and threw a number of TDs and completed other passes on check downs. On the 11 on 11’s Rausch was pretty sharp hitting a couple of posts and outs to the WRs, seam and flag routes to the SBs, hooks to WRs and SBs and check downs to the forth receiver. The offense still has a way to go yet, but they did better today than last practice I saw on Saturday. I think now that Rausch has earned the starting position and will get the majority of the reps, the offense will continue to progress and become more consistent….(more)

8/15 Practice Reports